Starting a new enterprise and one as exciting as AquaUtopia takes teamwork, commitment and a community of knowledgeable stakeholders. Here at Flinders Island we are lucky to be connected to a community of people who are not just knowledgeable about the island they live on and the sea which surrounds them, but are also passionate about their environment and the sustainable products and experiences which the island has to offer. Our sincere thanks to all of the many people, agencies and organisations who have and continue to contribute.



Partnering till May 2018 with Marc De Gregoria - Student of Swinburne University of Technlogy, Melbourne, Australia. 

Photographs & video courtesy of Flinders Island Member collection

Become a Partner and or investor

To date AquaUtopia Pty Ltd. has been self funded. We would be interested to hear from persons and or organisations who would directly or indirectly invest and or partner with us. Likewise, if its finding out more about our produce or how but how the produce will brought to the market utilising the system of 3D Ocean Farming we would love to hear from you. We are happy to share and learn what creates a sustainable aquaculture business model and beyond working with the local Flinders Island community and relevant authorities empower the wider environment and eco-friendly aquaculture community. 

If you would like to explore how to partner and or invest with AquaUtopia, please fill out the below form and we will get back to you. Alternatively, please feel free to ring Jon +61 (0)447606306 and or email us at

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